How Do Movies Influence

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Barbu Andreea Marina
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How do movies or television influence
people’s behavior

Great changes have taken place in human society along development of technology, and movies or television are a big part of this. Such entertaining methods affect on people's behavior in many ways. I believe that television and especially movies are one of the major and outstanding achievements of humankind. Every movie makes an impression on people. How big this impression is depends on a person, his characteristic features, his weak or strong sides. Movies and television also can make people more violent. The more we see violent acts on television, the less sensitive we become to them.Eventually violence doesn't seem wrong. We may even commit violent acts ourselves. This is especially true because we don't always realize that violence has consequences. Actors can be killed and come back for another movie. Sometimes we confuse that with reality. We forget that killing someone is permanent. Of course, watching movies and television can also be good for us. It can give us a broader window on the world. For example, seeing movies can expose us to people of different races and cultures. We can then overcome some prejudices more easily. Recently there have been more handicapped people in films, and this also helps reduce prejudice. The best influence on our behavior is that movies and television reduce stress. Watching films, we can escape our own problems for a little while. Also, sometime movies show positive ways to resolve problems we all face. While TV and movies shouldn't be a way to hide from life, sometimes they can help us cope. First of all, movies and television influence people's thinking and action, especially the youth who are vulnerable. For instance, violence and sexual scenes result in young people cruel behavior. According to media, there have been...
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