How Does Media Affects a Child's Development

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Maureen Guillaume
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The media affects the lives of children daily. Children imitate things whether they are positive or negative because of the fact that they are not aware of the consequences. Parents need to be more attentive in their child’s life. They need to pay attention to what their child is either watching or listening to. They need limit how much a child spends watching television, so that they would be able to focus more on their school work and studies. Positive parenting role models are in the best interest of child in that they would limit the expose children have to violent acts. It what decrease the aggressive behavior a child might promote when they are younger and if not stopped would be difficult to remove when that child is in its teenager years. Media cause psychological effect on children such as low-self esteem, sexual content, physical health and school performance. Parents need to put their foot down and regulate on what their child is watching.

In Society today the media is accessible and omnipresent to everyone whether you are an adult or child. Even though media is used for news, advertisement, educational purposes and entertainment it also has a negative light to it. Younger children are deeply exposed to different kinds of media such as, movies, video games, music including music lyrics and videos, computer games and the internet, comic books and of course our favorite the television. According to the American Academy of Pediatrics (AAP), "Children are influenced by media–they learn by observing, imitating, and making behaviors their own" (2001, p.1224). The media raised its bar and set a new standard for children and everyday these children make the effort to exemplify it completely. In today’s society kids are more focused on their social rank and if they are “cool with in the in crowd” rather than focusing on their academics. No child wants to be considered a “nerd” in the way media portrays a nerd to be. A child needs to have the feeling of blending with their peers and fitting in. The media is all about control. The valuable effects of the media include educational enrichment, exposure to the arts through music, performance and entertainment. The detrimental effects of media may result in children portraying these acts of violent behavior, exposed to subtle or explicit sexual content, portrayal of unrealistic body images. In the following paper, attention would be brought to the negative aspects of media and its influential causes in a child’s life. HISTORY OF MEDIA FOR CHILDREN & MEDIA INFLUENCE The twentieth century was a period in which the development of different variety of media grew rapidly. Media that included film, radio and newspapers were now accessible to children but it was limited. In the 1940’s children’s media expanded not only from television but also to music, videotapes, computer games, video games and internet. Education TV shows was shown on public television stations in which was a positive influence to children. A breakthrough in educational television shows was the Children’s Television Workshop that was founded in 1968 by Joan Ganz Cooney, Llyod Morrisett, Gerald Lesser and more. This team of people dedicated their time, money and effort in creating an education program for children that was designed to entertain and also educate and to target children at preschooler stage. In 1969 Sesame Street was a result of the Carnegie Corporation of New York. The production of...

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