how effective are elections in the uk

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How effective are the elections in the UK?

As with every type of elections across the world there are some negative and positive elements. Amongst these is theUK as well. Elections are the principle way in which governments in the UK are formed. They therefore serve to transfer power from one government to the next.

The positive democratic elements of the UK elections are as follows. Everyone is free to participate in the elections. There are very few restrictions on who can vote or stand for election. Nobody is barred from taking part without good reasons. The only controversial aspect of this feature is the question of whether prisoners should be allowed to vote. As things stand they cannot, though European Court of Human Rights ruling has said they should. As the Uk is recognised as a very democratic country it hold the capability to allow anybody to form a political party and compete for election provided their aims are lawful. There is free information and a free media. All are able to access independent information and there is no censorship. Only parties that advocate the overthrow of the state or criminal activities are barred. Normally , though not in 2010, elections deliver a democratic mandate to the incoming government, granting it the legitimate authority to carry out it's policies. Putting it another way, elections basically grant democratic consent to new governments. Excluding some minor examples, the UK elections are free from corruption. Voting remains secret and the counting of votes is carefully regulated to prevent fraud. The result is, therefore, reliable .

Moving on to the negative democratic aspects of the UK elections. Undoubtedly the most undemocratic aspect of the UK general elections is the fact that the result is disproportional. The first past the post electoral system favour parties with concentrated support and discriminates against small parties, especially those with dispersed support. The House of Commons that...
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