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How significant was the ‘Domino Theory’ as a reason for US involvement in the conflict in Vietnam? What is the most important part of this question?

This must be your main focus.
However, to analyse how significant it is, you need to be able to consider other factors. That said, to achieve the top marks you need to consider other factors only in the context that they make the domino theory more or less significant. Refer to the domino theory in every paragraph.

Rough plan
Intro - Briefly outline Domino Theory with quotations. Mention other reasons. P1 – Go into depth about Domino Theory.
P2 – Talk about the failures of President Johnson, Kennedy and Eisenhower. P3 – Weakness of South Vietnam and Diem.
P4 – Strength of Vietcong.

Weakness of USA/Kennedy/Johnson
“At first the USA supported Ho Chi Minh against the French; then the USA supported the French giving them huge amounts of money of money for their fight against communism” From History Controlled Assessment CA5 Vietnam 1960-1975 by Bircher and May”


“Just let me get elected, and then you can have your war…”

Strength of North Vietnam/Ho Chi Minh/ VC
“Possibly 80 percent of the population would have voted for the communist Ho Chi Minh as their leader.” President Eisenhower writing after the Vietnam war.


Ho Chi Minh carried out land reform and was a popular leader. He would almost certainly have won the reunification election of 1956…” From “Vietnam 1960-1975” by Waugh and Wright.


Weakness of Diem/South Vietnam
“South Vietnamese disliked their government for being corrupt and undemocratic.” From ‘The USA 1917-1980’ by Nigel Smith

“The South Vietnamese government and the USA were seen as supporting these large and wealthy landowners.”

Same source

“The death of Diem… lead to political chaos in the nation.”...
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