How to Develop and Maintain Your Relationship with God

Topics: Jesus, Bible, God Pages: 2 (455 words) Published: February 15, 2013
Developing and maintaining your relationship with God requires time, effort and desire for closeness. Just like with the other people, we need to work out and put every effort in maintaining our relation with them. If we really desire to develop and maintain our relation with God, we would definitely acquire the greatest happiness and blessings in our life. Our lives will never get lost and will keep on the right track. Take time to develop your relationship with God and reap all the rewards it brings.

Keep in mind that God loves to listen in everything you say. Have a conversation with God explaining your hopes, fears, dreams, anxieties and regrets. This will help you remove all the burdens and sadness you feel inside. In addition, give God also thanksgiving and adoration for all the things He has done for you every single day of your life. In this way, you will be able to increase rapidly your intimate relationship with God.

Spend time in God’s words. The Bible is the work of God that tells everything about goodness and values in life. Read the bible with comprehension and let it sink to your mind in order to apply it in your life. Joining a bible study group with others is also suggested for this will help you learn more about the bible and you are able to share with others what you know and what you have learned. You must also learn the doctrines of the church because Bible is not enough for you to be instantly close to God.

You must be able to learn how to forgive others. According to the Bible, Matthew 18:22 Jesus answered “I tell you not seven times, but seventy seven times.” What does this verse mean? God tells us here to forgive others not only 7 times but 77 times, no matter how bad the thing the person has done to you. However, we humans are so emotional and we do not let forgiveness enter our hearts. Remember that God sacrificed his very own Son in order to save and to forgive the entire humanity. We must really know how to accept forgiveness...
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