Human capacities and moral status

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For Gabriel
Not here but not forgotten


I would like to thank several groups of people, without whom the writing of this book would have been much more difficult, if not impossible. First, three of my philosophy professors from my time as an M. A. student at Biola University: J. P. Moreland and Scott B. Rae, whose 2000 book Body and Soul persuaded and motivated me to develop the main ideas of this book, and Garry DeWeese, whose friendship and advice the last 10 years have been instrumental in bringing these ideas to print.

Second, a number of people helped an earlier draft of this book take shape as my doctoral dissertation at Bowling Green State University. My dissertation committee at Bowling Green State University generously gave their time and effort in various ways to help the dissertation come together: R. G. Frey, Fred Miller, Loren Lomasky, Michael Tooley, and Younghee Kim. The members of Fred Miller’s dissertation reading group gave me helpful feedback on each part of the dissertation over a period of several months: Pete Cellelo, Kathy Erbeznik, Leanne Kent, Nico Maloberti, Chris Metivier, John Milliken, Jonathan Miller, Sangeeta Sanga, and Matt Stichter.

Third, different groups provided me with financial support during the writing of the dissertation, and then the book. For the dissertation, financial support came from The Bowling Green State University Philosophy Department, the Earhart Foundation, and the Charlotte and Walter Kohler Charitable Trust, who support the Kohler Fellows program at the Howard Center for Family, Religion, and Society. For the book, financial support came from California State University-Sacramento. Fourth, a number of colleagues here at CSUS have given various types of support in writing and bringing the book to print. For example, Tom Pyne, Chris Bellon, Randy Mayes, and Scott Merlino all gave constructive feedback when I read a paper which became the basis for Chapter 2 and 3 in the spring of 2006....
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