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Susan Collins is one of the best novelist I have ever read. The Hunger Games is a action packed packed science fiction novel full of love, betrayal and the willing to service. The Hunger Games displays three core values witch consist of independence, tolerance, and diversity.

Katness is the main character and displays qualities of independence all through out the book. At the beginning of the book Katness is a member of a poor family that lives in the seam. She can not relay on the money that they have to put food on the table so she has to be independent and go hunt for food herself. Also for most of her time in the arena she is working independently and not with any allies or working together with other people until she finds Rue.

Katness finds out at the interviews for the games that Pieta likes her. She dose not like it at first but learns to tolerate it anad it becomes one of her biggest assets in the game. She finds Pieta in the areana and together they win the games all because Katness learned to tolerate and love Pieta otherwise nether of them would have come out alive.

All through out the book there is diversity. In District Twelve Katness’ and Pieta’s home there is the seam the victors village witch every district has and the the merchant houses. All twelve districts make something for The Capital as well. And all twelve districts have people with different levels of strengths people from district twelve are weaker then the people from district two and one because two and one get the best benefits with The Capital.

The Hunger Games is a great read for almost anyone. It also displays core values of independence, tolerance and diversity.
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