If I Die in a Combat Zone Review

Topics: Vietnam War, South Vietnam, Vietnam Pages: 3 (1143 words) Published: March 30, 2013
If I Die in a Combat Zone Review

The 1960s was a series of ongoing changes. It was the height of the counter culture revolution, the civil rights movement the drive for higher education, middle class advancement, the "Great Society", the industrial community servicing the military, and most notably, the Vietnam war and conscription into service. The time frame of O'Briens If I Die in a Combat Zone is majorly in 1968 and O'Brien was feeling the heat from everything that was going on at this time From the very beginning Tim O'Brien stressed his opposition to the war in Vietnam. He even comes out and states at the beginning that, "The war, I though, was wrongfully conceived and poorly justified". At this time there was a massive movement against the war. This the upcoming election and Eugene McCarthy openly opposed to Vietnam it was no surprise to learn that O'Brien supported him. But supporting the antiwar movement was not enough to avoid the draft, especially for O'Brien. With protests rising and the Yippies leading major protests against the war and draft, conscription was still a major worry among the public. It was known that if you were of age and not in college then Vietnam was your next stop. Unless of course individuals could gain deferment through specific issues as did some of O'Briens friends at the time. But even with strong opposition, both morally and emotionally to the war, O'Brien still knew he had a duty and obligation to serve. In one instance when O'Brien is speaking to a chaplain regarding the war, the chaplain uses a strong example of American Exceptionalism by saying, "If you accept, as I do, that America is one helluva great country, well then, you do as she tells you". He the. Goes on to say that, "i did not wan to be a soldier, not even an observer to war. But neither did i was to upset a particular balance of the order I knew, the people I knew, and my own private world." This again reinforced O'Brien that his duty...
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