Impact of media violence on children comp final essay

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Impact of TV Violence on Children
Our generation as we know it is falling apart, the average American child watches an average of four hours of television a day, and in this time and age, most television programs are violent or contain adult content that is not appropriate for them. What does that say about this nation as a whole? Kids of this generation are becoming more and more violent and aggressive, and many believe that it is because of these new television shows. Children of the United States, no matter of race or ethnicity, are the future of this thriving country, we need to work together to help them grow up strong and healthy. Television has always been violent, for example programs like Tom and Jerry where they are constantly fighting and intentionally trying to harm each other, have been proven to make a child more aggressive when addressing their own parents ("What Would Tom and Jerry do?); parents have to pay more attention to what their children are watching and step into the world of technology, as well as knowing the limit when it comes to watching television.

Children do what they see on television, because they see it as something normal. Less than five percent of violent programs show a consequence of committing a crime, and many of the time it is the “good guys,” whom kids have been taught to admire. This does not mean that they were not raised right by their parents, but rather when mommy says it’s not right to hit, Television says its okay to bite, hit, or kick as long as you’re the good guy. (Dowshen 03) This can confuse a child when deciding what is right and what is wrong, after all Television is influencing the way we all live our lives today. (Gross 172)

Many of the times in action movies, the Evil Villain gets away with whatever crime they committed. This tells children that if they do something bad, they can always get away with it by lying. At the early age of six kids will begin to show aggressiveness and start to rebel...

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