Impacts Of Reality TV On The Contemporary Society

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The Impacts of Reality TV on the Contemporary Society
Reality T.V shows are among the latest trends in television programming and mainstream media. Most of the issues aired on reality shows vary from different themes and genres such as love, spirituality and competition. The contents of the reality shows usually entails the aspect of the unscripted format. It entails real people talking about real issues in the society. However, much as reality T.V show producers try to make their show relevant and appealing to their viewers, many criticism and controversy has been arising concerning these shows. Myriads of reality shows from different parts of the world have been characterized by controversy after the show. Some psychologists argue that viewers tend to judge themselves from the content they view on television. There has been continuous argument that reality shows are propagators of voyeurism among other social evils. Reality T.V’s have always been seen in the forefront of bringing significant cultural and personal aspects of life. Despite this fact, the mainstream media has still not given the required attention to the reality television. This essay focuses entirely on the impact of reality television in the contemporary society. Hallmark for Fame and Talents

Reality shows have been used primarily to enhance fame in the contemporary society. Most of the individuals have used the chances of appearing in the reality shows to get famous. For example, some individuals view reality shows as avenues for being celebrities, showcasing their talents even if they got none (Parham). Most critics also argue that reality shows are an avenue to reinforce stereotypes. For instance, (Parham) describes women view about reality shows. A reality show that perhaps deals with dating presents women as unworthy if some guy does not choose them. This perspective can be considered as a stereotype at the end of the day. Therefore, reality shows is a significant arena for exhibiting talents from various stakeholders. Promotion of Self-governance

In the exploration of the reality T.V stronghold, Ouellette and Hay’s book is the most essential in tackling and understanding importance of reality programs. The concept of government mentality has clearly been elaborated and they argue as follows. The reality television is one of the avenues that a nation or state can embrace in influencing the behavior of its citizens (Ouellette and Hay). According Ouellette and Hay’s points of view, they argue that the reality T.V is a tool for promoting real citizenship through a significant procedure of self-governance. They argue that it through reality T.V that media consumers get the instructions on how to lead exemplary lifestyles. It is also through reality shows that the prospective users get to learn how to manage their finances and to improve their personal appearances. In the first chapter of their book, it can clearly be evident how reality T.V can impact positively on fans of reality shows. It can clearly be concluded that the charity T.V that airs programs like Extreme Makeover: Home Edition has a significant role in privatizing the issue of social relief (Ouellette and Hay). If critically analyzed, a very crucial role of media is satisfied here. Generally, one of the primary functions of the media, is to educate the public. This role of media in education of the public is therefore justified by the reality T.V according to Ouellette and Hay. The need of self-governing is another issue that the current society especially neo-liberal which Ouellette and Hay describe as ‘post-welfare states’. A society that is self-reliant depends entirely on cultural technology and Television is one of the essential requirement in such a society. Therefore, the government officials should not overrule against such a society. They should rather minimize their interventions in societal issues and concentrate...

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