importance of teacher in character building

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A child spends more time in school rather than at home and the kind of lifestyle we live dictates that the child is in boarding school or leaves the house early and comes home late. This means the teacher spends more time with the child and is tasked with educating, advising, counseling and nurturing the child.

Teachers build the integrity and character of our children by choosing to do the right thing. It is a case of living by example, preaching water and drinking water. During the foundation years of a child in nursery school and the early primary school years, pupils ape what the teacher does. It is common to see a pupil being adamant to change at home because teacher said this and that. A teacher with character and values as stipulated in Kenyan Constitution chapter 2 is the ideal role model for our children. These values include;

Honouring God: Worship and full allegiance to God in all that we do. Every time we sing our national Anthem, we honor God- let us treat it with the respect it deserves.

Being Patriotic: Our Country is bigger than anyone else, we should put the love and devotion for our country first no matter what challenges we face. We have only one Kenya, Let us be proud of that.

Promoting National unity: We all belong to one country; Kenya and should strive to make it a better place. "United we stand divided we fall". Let us celebrate our diversity and pull together in unity, in everything that we do for the good of our beloved Nation.

Sharing and devolution of power: for equitable allocation of resources and development.

Championing peace: Let us always look to peaceful solutions to issues and promote fairness in our relationships with one another.

Respecting the rule of law: Respect for the new constitution is paramount to the success of its implementation. It gives us hope for a better Kenya. Our laws are the guarantee for a just and orderly society let us always respect them.

Democracy and participation of the people:...
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