Informative Speech: Missionaries

Topics: Jesus, Missionary, New Testament Pages: 2 (673 words) Published: November 7, 2013
Informative Speech Outline
Purpose: My purpose is to let the audience know what is a Missioner, what they do and how their lifestyle is. Central Idea: Missionaries are people who voluntarily go to a foreign country and spread the Gospel a. Introduction:

b. Have you guys ever had a huge passion for something? That you talk about it all the time to everyone you know. You just want someone or any reason to bring it up so you can start talking about it again. You want everyone to know so maybe they can grow the same love for it as you did. Now there's people in our world that have a huge passion for something and they'll go hundreds of thousands of miles away from home just so they can share their passion to others who haven't heard of it. They're called Missioners. c. Credibility: Missionaries are important because they spread the gospel to people who haven't heard of it and also help people with different essential materials needed. d. Thesis Claim: Missionaries are people who voluntarily go to a foreign country and spread the Gospel e. Main Points: I will be discussing three main points:

f. What a Missioner is, and how to become one
g. What is the purpose for a Missioner
h. The lifestyle of a Missioner
i. Body
j. Let's define what exactly is a Missioner and how to become one. k. Missionaries are "those that convey the Good News of God's love and forgiveness to others near and far...." (Global Ministries, 2011). This means that missionaries are believers that talk about God's word (Bible) to other people anywhere. l. To become a missioner, you need a calling from God or it's placed in your heart. So you decide to become part of it willingly. "They made the choice to leave home, village and family, business or career and go...." (Yohanna, 1986, p. 19). Once you are certain, you can contact a organization such as Gospel for Asia, and you will require training. Transition.........

m. Now let's discuss what's the purpose of a missioner...
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