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There are many kinds of input controls. Write a 4-5 page paper in which you: •Explain the function of input controls.
•Identify four (4) types of input control and explain the function of each. •Provide an example of a data integrity error that could occur if each of these types of input control were not in place. •Explain the advantages and disadvantages of restricting user interfaces. (User interfaces can often be restricted, limiting the user’s ability to navigate to other areas of the system, or out of the system.) •Design and build a graphical representation of a Web-based input for making a hotel reservation, using Visio or PowerPoint or an equivalent. •Research and cite at least three (3) reputable academic sources.

Darren Blake
Week 6 Assignment
“An HTML form is a section of a document containing normal content, markup, and special elements called controls.” These controls are commonly referred to as input controls, according to the World Wide Web Consortium. There are many types of input controls that can be used in a web form. They help to provide a framework for the kind of data that will be submitted by users. Selecting the correct input control for a data field is critical. Text input, select box, radio button, and password are four examples of input controls. As pointed out by Ponce de Leon, most input controls are visual and interactive. There is also something called a hidden input control. They can be used to store system critical data, such as database key data, that the user does not need to interact with. Text type input controls are used to input text. They provide a single-line input field in which any text can be entered. The text type input controls are useful for form data such as names, street addresses, and user names. This data is viewable on the screen, so it ought to not be used for passwords.

Select box input controls are extremely common in web forms. There are two basic types of select input controls: single select and multi-select. This type of input control provides a list of predetermined options that the user can select. They offer strict control of what can be entered into the form. They are used for items that have limited and predefined options. Good examples of this would be things like credit card type, country, state, and language. Usually, this type of input is used when the number of pre-defined options more than two. If there are only two options, other types of input controls may be more appropriate. If the user is allowed to select multiple options, such as a list of career field interests, a select input control can easily be set up to permit multiple selections.

Radio button input controls are always used within a group. This means that there should be more than one radio button that has the same name. When radio buttons have the same name and different values, only one can be selected at a time. They are used when there are few predefined options. Predefined option sets of two are usually not put inside of a selection input control. For instance, the options for gender should usually be “male” or “female.” It is more fitting in this case to use two radio buttons. This allows the user to enter their data with one click rather than the two which would be required with a select drop down input control. It is up to the programmer to decide if a select input control or a group of radio buttons is more suitable. In general, if the user can easily view all available options on a single line of the form, the programmer should seriously consider using radio buttons. Alternatively, if there are enough options that it would span many lines they should be presented inside of a select input control, like selecting a state.

Password input controls, on the surface, looks exactly like the text input control. They also, form an allowed content perspective, functions in an identical manner....

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