Internet Voting

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The internet has become part and parcel of the daily activities of millions of

Americans. I believe it is safe to say majority of the world’s populace eats, sleeps, lives

through the internet. We live in a world where technology is the order of the day. Sometimes

I feel it is taking over the world really fast. Ever since technology birthed the internet, it has

brought so much ease to the world and its citizens. Through the use of the internet one can

communicate with another person in another part of the world within the fraction of a

second. Information probably one of internet’s biggest advantages given. With the aid of

search engines like Google, yahoo, and bing one can attain any, and almost every

information under the sun. The Internet does not stop there, it goes on to provide users with

entertainment , for instance game lovers get the chance to play and download games, others

use it to make friends in chat rooms. Others choose to search for music, hobbies, and news.

Internet has brought about what I call the “21st century way of business” this means you can

simply log on to a website through the internet, and transact business, this ranges from

paying for services, goods, and having it available at your doorstep in a matter of days. So

come to think of it if the internet is so efficient in making lives better why don’t we

incorporate it in the Federal elections? I have realized that ballot machines are usually used

for several years and during those years of use the machines are regularly maintained. The

cost of regular maintenance becomes costly at times. This is where internet voting comes

into the picture. Internet voting or electronic voting simply means the electronic means of

casting and counting a vote transmitted to election officials using the Internet. In this paper I

will be discussing ideas of how the internet voting should be put together, I will also review

the advantages and disadvantages of internet voting, and whether or not the cons would be

able to be fixed. Internet voting could be very helpful in this day and age but I believe that it

is the best route to take when making great national decision like voting.

How to Conduct Internet Voting

This type of voting is going to be computerized and therefore participating citizens

would be able to vote from the privacy of their homes or offices, generally anywhere one can

get access to a computer and internet connection. Citizens who would want to vote and could

not would simply have to go to assigned voting stations in their various vicinities and use the

computers there. The fonts on these computers would be remarkably larger than usual,

candidates will be displayed with provided pictures, and party. Voters would have to register

with their details then proceed to make their votes. A click with the computer mouse on the

name or picture of the candidate will be considered a vote but before it is sent into the

election computer as a registered vote, the computer would ask you to review and confirm

your vote. People could compare the information on the websites of candidates, or read

policies of candidates.(Streb 90-91) Your respective would be secret during the election, and

not be automatically tallied till the end election. This method would not only make voting

very easy, but it will also give accurate numbers of the total amount of people, who have

voted, specific age groups, and areas where people are voting. These accurate graphs would

display the country, state, and city giving information on turnout and age groups.

Advantages and Disadvantages of Internet Voting

I will go ahead and start with the advantages of internet voting. Current U.S Voter

Turnout is so low that a minority of the eligible voters elect our President. (McGann)

Internet voting will increase the voter turnout...
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