Interventions That Apply Scripture in Psychotherapy

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Interventions That Apply Scripture In Psychotherapy
Integration of Psychology, Theology, and Spirituality in Counseling Summary
The article, “Interventions That Apply Scripture in Psychotherapy,” looks at assorted intervention strategies a Christian therapist might use to integrate Scripture during therapy sessions. The author, Fernando Garzon (2005), stated his reason for writing the article was twofold: “first, to increase Christian therapists’ awareness of the variety of types of Scripture interventions available, and second, to stimulate “divinely inspired creativity” in the further development of strategies to incorporate the living Word of God in Christian psychotherapy” (p. 113).

Using the case of one man, George, Garzon (2005) gives a brief history of him and then goes on to define and demonstrate the use of six different interventions; implicit Scripture intervention, psychoeducational, theoeducational, behavioral, cognitive, and affective experiential. Garzon (2005) demonstrates how to incorporate the Word of God into all of these strategies.

Garzon (2005) suggests that before incorporating any Scripture intervention strategies a therapist should first look at the ethical, cultural, and assessment issues of the client. It is especially important to assess the client’s religio-cultural background before integrating any Biblical interventions. A therapist’s values should also be included as part of the assessment.

Garzon (2005) concluded saying that there are countless other ways of using Scripture as an intervention in a treatment plan with a Christian client who also desires this as part of their experience. God’s word is a potent resource to be used by clinicians when the correct assessment procedures are abided by. Interaction

I was drawn to this topic, because of my own experience with a Christian counselor, John, whom I saw for almost two years. During my counseling, John slowly led me back to Christ. I have always wondered how he...

References: Garzon, F. (2005). Interventions that apply scripture in psychotherapy. Journal of Psychology and Theology, 33(2), 113-121.
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