Topics: Jesus, Christianity, New Testament Pages: 2 (646 words) Published: August 1, 2013
Christian Romano
CHMN 201
July 5, 2013
Spiritual Gifts Paper

PART ONE: What are your top two spiritual gifts? Do you agree with the results? Why or Why not? My top two spiritual gifts are; Evangelist, Pastor/Shepherd. I agree with the results because I have grown up in church I was a nine month before birth in the church kind of child. There have been many people I look up to. One person I really look up to is my youth pastor. From my tenth grade year I had this youth pastor. In my eleventh grade year he had this conversation to me about a certain situation. Because of this conversation it has brought me to be so much closer in my walk with Christ that i was before. I also want to be able to impact peoples lives just as my youth pastor did. As I continue on this Christian journey, I pray that God will lead me where I can be used by God to help people daily. There is, no better gifts than the gifts from God. I truly love telling people about Him. PART TWO: Specifically, how can you use your gifts at this time? How might you misuse your gifts? My gift of evangelism is a special gift given by the Holy Spirit to certain members of the Church to share the Gospel with unbelievers in such a way that the believer becomes a disciple of Jesus Christ. My gift of evangelism includes; joyful speaking to others about Jesus Christ; knowing when a person is ready to accept Jesus Christ; have a strong burden or compulsion to speak to people about their need for Christ; being happy to share how Christ has brought him to Him; being able to explain clearly the meaning that Jesus Christ is Savior, and continually seek out unbelievers in order to win them to Christ. My gift of evangelism can be used for: calling on visitors in Church; neighborhood witnessing; distributing tracts; serve on Evangelism Committee; create an opportunity or ministry for the gift. Pastor/Shepherd is used only once in the New Testament. Usually when a person thinks of the term “pastor” they think...
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