intro to humanities test 2

Topics: Gothic architecture, Middle Ages, Aristotle Pages: 1 (284 words) Published: August 5, 2014
Test 2
1.) Which term describes the line of kings under Charlemagne? Carolingian 2.) During the High Middle Ages, the most important center for education became the University of Paris. True 3.) Relics were sacred religious items that became an important aspect of spiritual and economic tradition for the Church. True 4.) Which artist is credited as being responsible for bridging the gap between the Byzantine and Renaissance styles? Giotto 5.) Charles the Great created a system of education known as: The 5 ways 6.) The Hagia Sophia is the holy site where Charles the Great was crowned. False 7.) The Great Schism began with the election of Pope Charlemagne. False 8.) Who was the most influential Scholastic philosopher, influenced by Aristotle's philosophy? 9.) "Exodus" refers to the Old Testament story of Moses and literally means: going out 10.) The Great Schism was a war between England and France, primarily about land disputes, which lasted for 116 years. False 11.) Petrarch was the author of both the Secretum and Canterbury Tales. False 12.) The “Summa Theologica” was written by which author? Aquinas 13.) Dante was the author of which of the following? (select all that apply) Inferno, Divine Comedy, Paradisio 14.) The New Testament Greek term for "one who is anointed" is "Christ." True 15.) Which of the following are examples of early Christian symbols/imagery? (select all that apply) Fish, Anchor, Olive branch 16.) The Rule of Saint Benedict was established to regulate: the papacy 17.) Chartres, Salisbury, and Notre Dame are examples of Gothic cathedrals. True 18.) The Abbey of Saint Denis is considered the first example of Gothic architecture True 19.) Which of the following are examples of literary figures from the Middle Ages?  Chauncer, Dante, Varsari 20.) Which of the following are examples of Gothic architecture? Pointed arches, gargoyles, flying buttresses, stained glass
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