Is the Television Still Called as “Stupid Box”?

Topics: Entertainment, Television program, Watch Pages: 2 (488 words) Published: November 28, 2010
In these days, it is difficult to find the family who doesn’t have a television in their living room, bedroom and even study room. Television is widely used telecommunication medium for transmitting and receiving moving images with sounds. It was available to be set in homes, businesses and institutions since 1920, particularly as a source of entertainment and news. As the other technologies develops, the television also have been had huge developments. Just a few decades ago, television showed the color with only black and white unlike the modern days that we can watch TV which reflects colorful beams. There is now even a television which is available in the Internet. Millions of people are influenced by what they see on television. The influence could be positive and negative. Some people could have the encouraging violence or moral apathy on television. Also, there are few programs which are not suitable for the children due to the limited scenes. The programs can cause the bad issue on society. However, I strongly agree that a television has lots of beneficial effects.

First of all, television can give positive effects because it provides lots of useful information. It associates the people to get the facts you don’t know with the optical images. Its promptness of information and fresh data satisfy the people. A television could be an informer. For example, if somebody watches the foreign news on television, he can obtain the new information all over the world without visiting there. It could not only save his time, but also get new information for free. In addition, if the people watch any educational channel, it would provide you a lot of beneficial education which they want.

On top of that, television gives benefit because it brings the relaxation to listeners. The talented entertainers on television could make people laugh and cry. The emotional effect helps people to relax from the arduous life. They can break their stress out when they have a fun...
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