Issues of the Churches Addressed by the General Epistles

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Issues of the Churches Addressed by the General Epistles

The Apostle Paul wrote a lot of the New Testament history, but the history did not end after his death (Lecture 7 2013). There were many other writings written after Paul’s death. These writing are known as the General Epistles. They are the books of Hebrew; James; 1and 2 Peter; 1, 2, 3 John; Jude and Revelation. The General Epistle address the issues that early church face. The author of the book Hebrews is greatly debate (Cates 2011). Some believed it was written by the Apostle Paul. The author of Hebrew address different issues the early church went through. One issue was that some of the Jewish believers wanting to go back to the synagogue (Lecture 7 2013). The author warned the church of the dangers of regressing back spiritually (Niswonger 1988). The church need to know that in Christ all the symbolism of the Old Testament rituals was fulfilled through Jesus (Niswonger 1988). James was the leader of the Jerusalem church after the apostles were force to leave the city by persecution (Lecture 7 2013). James gets the credit for writing the Epistle of James. The book of James addresses a number of recurring topics in the church (Cates 2011). The issue that was an actually problem the church had was favoritism (Cates 2011). Peter wrote two letters to the church. His first letter was to the churches of the Asia Minor (Lecture 7 2013). In his first letter Peter address suffering persecution “you may have had to suffer grief in all kinds of trials” (I Peter 1:6). Peter told the church to avoid suffering the just penalty of the criminal but to praise God if the suffered as a Christian (Niswonger 1988). Second Peter warns the church against false teachers in the church (Cates 2011). John writes as s pastor and apostle (Lecture 7 2013). In John’s first book he addresses the problem of false teaching of the rise of early doctrine movement of Gnosticism (Cates 2011). In Second and Third John he address...

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