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Description of the Project
National general elections have been a recurring feature among the democratic territories of the Caribbean. Every year, in one territory or another, citizens exercise their right to elect a government of their choice. However, the exercise is not without its attendant challenges of data management. Thousands of votes are cast on the day of the elections and an anxious, waiting public demands speed, efficiency and accuracy in the determination of results . In preparation for the actual exercise, the Trinbarjam Elections Commission has hired you to simulate the elections exercise as a test run, prior to the actual elections which are to take place shortly in your country. You are required to utilize suitable word processing, spreadsheet, database management as well as a programming application to design and implement computer-based solutions to the tasks involved in the simulation of the election process. Spreadsheet.

The Elections Commission has mandated that you design a spreadsheet that will accept pertinent data on constituencies and candidates’ votes and generate information that would enable the outcome of the elections to be divulged to the population in the shortest possible time. Four parties contest the elections: the Democratic Action Party (DAP), the Workers National Alliance (WNA), the United Progressive Movement (UPM), and the Peoples Democratic Revolution (PDR). Elections are contested to determine representatives in eleven constituencies. The representative being the candidate who gets the most votes in his/her constituency. The parties field candidates in every constituency except for the PDR, which fields candidates in just six of the eight constituencies. For each constituency, you are required to:

1. Create a table in your spreadsheet that records the number of Electors, Percentage voter turnout, Number of votes cast, the percentage of Spoilt ballots and the number of General votes. The number of electors registered in each constituency ranges from 6,250 to 10,795. The percentage voter turnout in each constituency is projected to be from a low of 45% to a high of 82%. Number of votes cast is determined by the Number of Electors * % Voter Turnout. The percentage of spoilt ballots varies from one constituency to another, but never exceeds 2.5% in any constituency. General votes are calculated as the votes cast – spoilt votes.

For each constituency, design a spreadsheet that accepts the candidate’s name, party acronym, rating, % of votes, and number of votes received. The rating is a value from 1 to 4 and is determined by the results of a recent poll conducted in each constituency by a noted pollster. Apart from the candidate’s rating, the pollster also supplies the % of votes each candidate is likely to receive, based on the popularity rating. The actual number of votes received is that percentage of the General votes. You must enter data for each candidate in each of the eight constituencies

Save your spreadsheet as Elections 01.
2. Modify your spreadsheet to reflect the following.
(i) Votes cast by Special voters must be considered and counted. Insert a row in an appropriate part of your spreadsheet table to record the number of special votes cast in each constituency.

(ii) Insert a column in an appropriate part of your spreadsheet to record the number of special votes received by each candidate. The special votes for each constituency are divided equally among the candidates in that constituency. Insert another column which records the total votes received by each candidate in each constituency. Total votes received are calculated as General votes + Special votes.

(iii) Insert rows in appropriate part of your spreadsheet that calculate, for each constituency, the total number of special votes, and the total number of votes received by candidates.
(iv) Insert a...
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