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Topics: Reality television, Television program, Television Pages: 1 (415 words) Published: August 20, 2013
This report was given to us in March ,before the holidays. The aim of this report was to gather information of how reality TV shows affect the average South African teenagers perception of : what constitutes entertainment and what is acceptable human behaviour. We were each given a statement and we had to do research on it by watching the reality show. The way in which we collected this information from people was that we drew up a questionnaire that we were able to ask various teenagers aging between 14 and 19.The questions we asked overall, was about how much time do they spend watching the reality TV show per day, what were their favourate reality TV shows and if they allow what others do on reality TV shows to influence them. The 8 statements that we as a group discussed after watching the reality TV shows according to the statement that we were given, we found that all the people acting in the shows are famous by who they are as to how they come across to the audience, if they are worth watching. We also found mostly negative things in watching some reality TV shows such as; keeping up with the kardashians, Tia and Tamara and Jersey Shore. When we done our research for the survey we found that majority teenagers watch less than 2hours per day of reality TV shows, most teenagers watched drama related shows and majority of them enjoyed watching reality TV shows. The statements that my group did was statement 1,3,4,5,and 7. Due to my survey majority of the teens don’t watch over 2 hours per day reality TV shows, and majority of them are not influenced by reality TV shows. Teenagers are influenced by the way in which they act as an individual, they can also be influenced by what they see on TV and it can affect the way in which they, dress, speak and their appearance as a whole. It could also affect their behaviour as a whole too (Words 355)

1. Risae.A, What do you think of Reality TV Shows?,...
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