Jesus as a Model for Leadership

Topics: Jesus, New Testament, Leadership Pages: 2 (801 words) Published: April 7, 2011
The introduction of the lecture 7 makes a significant point about the fact that we need to follow Jesus’ model for leadership to teach us how to be our best self. It then goes on to provide a fundamental point that we should not imitate leaders whose primary goal is to make money but rather we should imitate a leader who shows us how to really live and lead, to influence others to be everything God has made us to be. I found it really challenging to go beyond the six descriptions presented in the lectures notes as most of these characteristics have been covered in the gospel of Matthews and other books in the New Testament. So I thought I will read around the theme of Jesus’ leaderships style from the pages recommended for this exercise, so as to find out what other characteristics about Jesus has not been covered in these six descriptions and perhaps expand on it where possible. So what else makes Jesus stand out as servant leader? In the light of my reading and discussion thus far I have learnt that Jesus demonstrated a Servant leadership model which all Christians, Pastors and anyone who aspires to be a leader needs to reckon with. By his capacity to lovingly care for his disciples and his followers and to the extent of sacrificing himself on the cross for their (our) remission of sins and salvation was an epic leadership characteristics that no human being can imitate without the help of God. Jesus showed his followers that he cared through his words and physical manifestation of his healing power to cure sickness and any form of disease presented to him. Certainly servant-leadership is a model that every pastor and Christian should learn to display in all of their actions.

It is my opinion that if this is not learned on the behalf of the pastor, something far from God’s intention will surface. Perhaps the best illustration for servant-leadership is found in that of Jesus Himself. Jesus presented a captivating portrayal of this practice as He washed the...
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