Jesus Christ

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 Jesus Christ

Jesus Christ was born circa 6 B.C. in Bethlehem. Little is known about his early life, but as a young man, he founded Christianity, one of the world’s most influential religions. His life is recorded in the New Testament, more a theological document than a biography. According to Christians, Jesus is considered the incarnation of God and his teachings an example for living a more spiritual life. Christians believe he died for the sins of all people and rose from the dead. His mother, Mary, was a virgin who was betrothed to Joseph, a carpenter. Christians believe Jesus was born through Immaculate Conception. His lineage can be traced back to the house of David. When he proclaimed to be the son of god, Jesus was taken to the high court where he was mocked, beaten and condemned. He was brought before Pontius Pilate, the Roman governor of Judea. The priests accused Jesus of claiming to be the king of the Jews and asked that he be condemned to death. Symbols: During times of persecution the early Christians used a fish as a secret sign of identification. The first letters of each word in the expression “Jesus, Christ, Son of God, Savior” in Greek spell the Greek word for fish (ichthus). The cross became a popular symbol for Christ in the fourteenth century. Since then, it has stood for Jesus and his work of redemption. The lamb stands for Christ who is the Lamb of God sacrificed for the sins of the world. It is usually shown triumphant and holding a banner because the Lamb has risen and is exalted in heaven as is seen in the Book of Revelation. As the second person of the Trinity, Christ is represented as one of the intertwined three circles in the symbol for the Trinity. The circle represents that God is eternal, that is, God has no beginning or end. The sacred heart of Christ represents his boundless love for the Father and for us as shown through his work of redemption: his death and resurrection....
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