Jesus in Genesis

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Genesis is the first book of the Pentateuch, which means “five vessels,” these are the first five books of the Bible whose authorship is accredited to Moses. Genesis literally means the origin, we can see in the book of Genesis that there are the first mention of many biblical principles including creation, life, man, marriage, evil, language, government, culture, nations, and many more. (Morris 11-12) Genesis is quite arguable the most influential book of the bible and in many ways a foundation for the rest of the books that follow it.1 The book of Genesis can be divided into three main categories; chapters one through eleven explaining the creation of all things as well as the fall of man and separation from God, in chapters twelve through thirty-six the redemption plan of God as well as the establishing of His nation Israel, and in chapters thirty-seven through fifty God’s protection and blessing over his children as well as His sovereignty in their lives. (Smith) However these three categories can be expounded upon greatly as many events take place that shape the course of human history. Within these three categories several stories are told revealing God’s loving and protective nature. We see the line from Adam all the way to Abraham who God makes His covenant with, from there we see the lines of Abraham blessed as well as the promises of God true. Throughout Genesis we find a few different representations of Christ and God’s redemptive plan for man kind in Christophanies, types, and shadows of Christ. A Christophany is a manifestation of Jesus Christ in the Old Testament period; these manifestations are tangible to the senses. A type, or shadow of Christ, could be a person, event, or even sentence, which demonstrates aspects of Christ or his revelation revealed in the New Testament. We find three separate Christophanies in Genesis, however it cannot be proved that Christ was actually involved in these events; when Abram encounters Melchizedek, (Genesis 14) when Abram speaks with The LORD at his home, (Genesis 18) and when Jacob gets in a all-night long brawl with God. (Genesis 32) I believe a few types of Christ found in Genesis are Adam, Noah, and Joseph. The first Christophany that appears in the book of Genesis can be found in chapter fourteen. This is a fascinating encounter with a man named Melchizedek, the king of Salem and priest of the Most High God. There is no mention of Melchizedek actually being a God, however I chose to place this meeting in the category of Christophany because I personally want to believe that he is. Melchizedek possesses strikingly similar characteristics to Christ, which leads me to believe this biblical character may have been a Christophany in Genesis. His title, king of Salem means that he is the king of peace, not only this, but the name Melchizedek, can be translated, king of righteousness. (Morris 330) He is the first mentioned priest of the bible also this situation being the first to mention peace. He was without father, without mother, without genealogy, and had neither beginning of days nor an end of life. (Hebrews 7:3) From the sound of this it seems that Melchizedek was eternal, not only this but in his encounter with Abram he offered bread and wine as a sign of love. We know from Hebrews that the greater being blesses the lesser and that’s exactly what we find Melchizedek doing here in chapter fourteen of Genesis. All these things lead me to believe that Melchizedek is a Christophany found in the book of Genesis, however I cannot be certain, the main reason I hold to this belief is that he did not have a beginning nor end. The next Christophany found in Genesis is recorded in chapter eighteen, The LORD appeared to Abraham as he sat in the doorway of his home. The first verse clearly indicates that this was an appearance of God, whereas the second verse indicates that He came in the appearance of man. (Morris 350) Abraham realized that these were no normal men and...

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