Jesus Man of Flesh and Blood

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Jesus Christ:
Man of Humanity and Divinity

The divinity of Jesus Christ has been widely debated; his achievements are bout prophetic and progressive far beyond earthly society. We can say that Jesus was merely a man that was blessed with a divine dimension. Others believe that even though he was a man of flesh that he was strictly divine in nature. In this paper, I will examine Jesus Christ as both a human man and also as a divine Spirit.

Humanity of Jesus Christ
As Christians one thing we know to be true, Jesus Christ was a man of flesh and blood and Scripture can attest to his true humanity. There was not limitation to his humanity: when he became weary he rested, there was times where he wept in the Garden and crying out to God for physical and emotional strength and when he was tortured and nailed to the cross he cried out in pain and his flesh bled real blood. The humanity of Jesus Christ began with his human birth through his mother Mary, growing up with normal development, learning and obeying. Like man because of sin, he was tempted but, never fell victim to sin. Never in his human conditions was he ever omniscient, his knowledge only came from learning and understanding. Even though Jesus Christ was in human form he unlike man was sinless this clearly means only two things: First, Jesus as a man was never guilty of sin. His time as a man never did he has for forgiveness from sin in John 8:46 he states “Which one of you convicts me of sin? If I speak truth why do you not believe me?” This verse shows that there was no transgression or conformity in the human life of Christ. Jesus Christ life regardless of his human capacity, were acted righteously obedient in line with the will of God.

The Divinity of Jesus
Looking at the full humanity of Jesus Christ we can still see that even though he was a human man his life on earth transcends beyond other humans taking an element of divinity. The...
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