Jesus Vs. Moses

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A Comparative Analysis of Jesus and Moses

The lives and teachings of two of the most influence figures in Catholicism and Judaism, Moses and Jesus, have many similarities, yet important differences. Though both individuals were chosen by God to help spread the good word and lead their people to salvation, their teaching methods as well as some of their actions, were different. Both figures devoted their life to spreading the word of God and helping others live a life that will ultimately lead to eternal salvation. One of the most significant similarities between the lives of Moses and Jesus was that they were chosen by God to be a leader and help others follow him. They, however, went about helping others in different ways. Jesus is best known for using parables as his main method for teaching. Parables were short stories Jesus would tell that described everyday lives and situations of real or fictional human characters. These parables often were told to teach the listener a moral lesson. These parables are some of the most quoted and remembered stories in modern religion. Because of how his stories and characters would captivate the attention of his followers, he was able to educate them in a way they would enjoy and remember. (Hopfe 275) Moses, however, used different methods for his followers. Instead of using parables, Moses wrote down a list of commandments that were given to him by God. These commandments, now famously known as the Ten Commandments, were a list of laws for followers of God to follow. These laws laid out basic principles that any moral and God loving follower should abide by in order to ultimately reach salvation, but also to lead a righteous life. (Hopfe 237) Although some of their teaching methods may have differed, they also did have similarities. Both Moses and Jesus had performed miracles for their followers. In order to save the Israelites from the Egyptians, Moses parted the Sea of Reeds (more commonly known as the Red Sea) to...

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