jewish and christian art

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Chapter 7
Jewish , Early Christian
and Byzantine art
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Torah (Old testament
of Bible)

Bible (Old testament+
New Testament)



Hebrew Prophet

Jesus Christ

Prophet Mohammed

Belief in God

believe that god
made a covenant with
their ancestors and
Hebrews are god
chosen people.

Believe that Jesus was
the Messiah and Jesus is
disguise in human form
and experienced all the
sufferings and then rose
from the dead and
ascended to heaven
after building churches
under leadership of the

Believe that
Mohammed is the last
Greatest prophet of god
after Hebrew prophet
and Jesus and the
prophet who found

• Jewish art was inspired by Near Eastern, Greek Classical, and Roman art where as they forbade depicting representational art as well as worshiping idols.
• 10 commandments (in the 2nd book of Torah) which was
inscribed on a tablet has been kept in the Ark of Covenant ( gold colored wooden box).

Jewish Catacomb Art
• Six Jewish catacombs ,with the walls depicting the Jewish themes had been discovered in Rome.
• The wall painting of Menorah and Ark of the Covenant (3rd cent.) is found from a Jewish catacomb in Villa Torlonia in Rome .
• Two menorahs (seven-branched lamp) and the Ark of Covenant had been depicted on the painting as Menorah was a precious
looted object which keeps the memory of the lost Jewish treasures alive .

Menorah and the Ark of the Covenant
(3rd cent.)
(3’11”* 5’9”(1.19* 1.8 m))

First temple in Jerusalem
• First temple in Jerusalem is built by King Solomon (10th cen.). • The main purpose was to housed the Ark of Covenant and also it held an importance to Jews as it was considered as the spiritual center of Jewish life.

• Courtyard, main hall, and two bronze pillars are some distinct elements included in that temple.
• Babylonians destroyed the temple and carried the Ark of Covenant to Babylonia.
• After Cyrus the Great conquering Babylonia, Jews were resettled in Jerusalem and made the city, Canan, a part of Roman empire. • Cyrus the Great rebuilt the temple as the second temple and later Herd restored it.

• Roman future emperor, Titus and general destroyed the second temple again, which was led to organize a campaign to celebrate the heroic moment of looting Jerusalem and to commemorate on the Arch of Titus ,

• The campaign of celebrating the heroic moment has been
transformed into a relief made out of marble by Romans with
the height of 6’8”(2.03m) and found from temple of Solomon which is called the “ relief in the passageway of the Arch of the Titus”.

relief in the passageway of the
Arch of the Titus

• A large room built inside of private homes or original homes where Jewish gather to study Torah as Torah is kept in that large room.
• The assembly hall of the First Dura-Europos synagogues contains a bench along its wall and a niche for the Torah scroll, which are considered as distinguish architectural features while it has also allocated some space to women as well.

• the room had wall paintings which brings the subjects of Narration of Jewish history and story of Mosses in Exodus.

• E:g wall painting of Crossing of the Red Sea. (244-245 CE.) • It is found from Dura-Europos, Syria.
• Large hands (orant posture) depicted to symbolized God’s presence in both miracles as Christians often use symbols in works of art.
• The real hero is depicted in hieratic scale.

The Crossing of
the Red Sea
(244-245 CE.)

Synagogue at Beth Alpha (5th cent.)
• Synagogue at Beth Alpha which is located between Gilboa
mountains and River Jordan. It has three nave interior ,vestibule, courtyard and mosaic floor. (floor adorned using mosaic...
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