Josephine Alibrandi

Topics: Family, Culture, The Culture Pages: 2 (699 words) Published: October 13, 2012
 In the novel Looking For Alibrandi by marlena marchetta, Josephine Alibrandi (also known as Josie)  is a typical 17 year old in her H.S.C year at St Martha’s, during the course of this year her understanding about life around her changes and so does her views on the people she loves most. Throughout the novel we see a great change in Josephine from a selfish and uncaring girl to a caring more sensitive young lady. Her life changes dramatically throughout the year as she slowly changes and learns to cope with the changes of others. Throughout this novel Josephine and her family struggles with cultural differences in Australia and acceptance into the Italian community leaving Josephine desperate to become socially acceptable within her culture, family life and school life. . Josephine Alibrandi grew up in a Italian community; although not completely accepted into this community because she was the result of a affair her mother had when she was 16, josie still felt that this community understand her family life, her culture and the way she lived; quote on page 7 “they were Italian and greek and we ruled the primary school. They were on my level. I related to them”. Josie felt that har and ever one else from her primary were in the same boat and were “all caught up in the middle of two societies” page 7. Josie doesn’t feel that that the girls at St Martha’s are “on her level” and can understand her like the kids from primary school did. She feels like thins because of the cultural difference between her primary school and her high school. In high school josie is on scholarship at St Martha’s surrounded by girls of anglo saxon origin she feels like she will never fit in and be accepted by all of them because of her origin and because she could only afford to go to the school because she was on a scholarship. Quote page 8 “it makes me feel like I will never be part of there society and I hate that because im just as smart as they are” all josie wants to fit in...
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