Know the different types of school in the education sector

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1 Know the different types of school in the education sector


The different types of school are :

Community schools
Foundation schools
Voluntary aided
Trust schools
Voluntary controlled
Specialist schools
Independent schools
Free schools


Community Schools

These are owned and ran by the local authority .
The local authority will also support the school through looking to make links with the local community by providing support and services. They will usually determine the admissions policy .
They may develop the use of school facilities by local groups for example childcare classes ,adult education .

Foundation and trust schools

These are run by their own governing body which will determine admissions policy in consultation with local authority The school land and buildings will be owned by the governing body or a charitable organisation A trust school ,although a foundation school will form a charitable trust with an outside source such as a business The school will have to buy in any support services

Deciding to become a trust school is usually from consultation between parent and the governing body

Specialist schools

These are schools which can apply for specialist status to develop one or two subjects. for example ,languages ,arts sports engineering. usually secondary schools These schools receive additional funds from the government for doing this . Special schools can also apply for this status under one of the four areas in the special education needs code of practice .

Voluntary schools

Voluntary -aided

Mainly religious or faith schools although it is not essential to be of that religion , School buildings and land are generally owned by the religious group or charitable group .In the same way as foundation schools the governing body employ the staff and set the admissions criteria . The maintenance and building costs are taken care of by the governing body .

These schools are similar to aided school but are run and funded by the local authority. The local authority employs the staff and provides support services. The buildings and land are usually owned by a charity often a religious organisation.


Academies are independently managed ,suitable for all abilities set up by sponsors from faith groups ,voluntary groups or business., working in partnership with the Department for Children ,Schools and Families and the local authority . Together they fund the land and buildings with the government covering the running costs .

Public schools

These schools would usually accommodate single sex students and be boarding school ,however many do now take day pupils and mixed classes .The age of pupils at these schools ranges from 11/13 to 18 . Funding for these schools comes from parents fees ,and these school do not have to follow the national curriculum .

Free schools

These schools will be set up by the parents ,teachers ,charities ,religious and voluntary groups ,they are set up as academies and funded in the same way - directly from the central government . They have the freedom to control their own finances , curriculum and pay .

Independent schools

These schools set their own admissions policies and have their own curriculum .Funding comes from fees from parents and investments .Over half of independent schools have a charitable status . These schools are registered with the Department for Children ,Schools and Families. They are monitored by ofsted or an approved inspectorate .

2 Know how schools are organised in terms of roles and responsibilities


School governors

The head teacher works alongside ea governing body to set framework for the school ,they also work together to decide on the day to day running of the school and managing staff including Decisions on staffing levels.

Helping to build and maintain...
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