Knowing Jesus Through the Old Testament

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Knowing Jesus Through the Old Testament
Transforming and compelling Dr. Christopher J. H. Wright plunges into this surprisingly refreshing biography of Jesus Christ in his book “Knowing Jesus through the Old Testament.” Wright develops and cultivates within one’s self a strong confidence in the Old Testament and the values portrayed which spill over into the New Testament. Wright underscores how not only did these values mold and shape the New Testament but how they were the foundation for Jesus and his teaching ministry. This book is the first in a series of three books written by Wright. Wright has solid background rooted in timeless truths. He is a graduate of Cambridge University UK where he earned his doctorate. Currently, Wright is serving as a director of a Langham Partnership International that provides scholarships and literature to seminary students. Briefly summarizing Wrights main idea is to motivate the reader to develop a thirst for the Old Testament writings. Wrights intent is to tie every topic presented back in to a theme that he states: “the more deeply we understand the scriptures Jesus used, the closer we will come to the heart of Jesus himself.” (Wright 158) His underlining reasoning for this theme is to encourage his readers and teachers not to focus solely on the New Testament teachings alone. Wright firmly believes that by creating this theme is the key to getting his point across in the New Testament. Wright feels teachings today far too often separate Jesus Christ and the disciple characters of the New Testament as though they are entirely extraordinary and unrelated from the Israelite characters of the Old Testament. The goal is to build off the Old Testament teachings as a bedrock foundation to an argument. Wright mentions how Jesus continually point’s people back to the Old Testament in his teachings himself as he tried to get his point across (2).

Wright borrows a method used in the book of Matthew to break...

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