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Topics: Sodium bicarbonate, Acetic acid, Measurement Pages: 3 (579 words) Published: November 4, 2012
Lab Report: Stoichiometry Lab

Oct. 27, 2011
Claire Elizabeth
Lab Partners: Hannah

Baking soda and vinegar are two common materials found in almost every household. That, plus the fact that all the starting and finishing materials are non hazardous and safe, is why this is one of the first chemical reactions that many people are exposed to The purpose of this experiment tests which of the two reactants (vinegar and baking soda) is the limited reactants. It is hypothesized that the limited reactant of this experiment is the baking soda. Materials-

* 2 beakers
* Sodium bicarbonate
* Vinegar
* Beral Pipette
1) Label the beakers A and B.
2) Weigh the beakers to two decimal places.
3) In Beaker A, place approximately .5- .75 g of baking soda. 4) Weigh Beaker A with the powder to two decimal places. 5) Fill Beaker B one third to one half full of vinegar.
6) Place the pipette into Beaker B.
7) Weigh Beaker B with the vinegar and pipette to 2 decimal places. 8) Slowly transfer the liquid from Beaker B to Beaker A using the pipette until all of the powder is dissolved. 9) Take a final weight measurement of Beaker A after the reaction, measuring to two decimal places. 10) Take the weight measurement of Beaker B with the pipette after the reaction, measuring to two decimal places. 11) After the experiment is over, there should be six measurements in all (all to two decimal places.). a. Original mass of Beaker A

b. Mass of Beaker A with powder.
c. Mass of Beaker A after reaction
d. Original mass of Beaker B
e. Mass of Beaker B with liquid
f. Mass of Beaker B after reaction
12) The beakers should now be washed out and dried with a paper towel. 13) The procedure should be repeated a second time for a second trial to account for accuracy, including all six measurements.

Analysis Part 1-
Six Original...
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