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Skin cancer is an important part of life in Australia. Most spend plenty of time in the sun hoping to get a tan, the others know the dangers of undergoing such acts ant avoid the sun all together. In the article “We know about the risk of baking in the sun, don’t we? Published in 2008, the writer talks about the necessity of stronger and more controlled ‘sun-smart’ throughout children’s lives in the education system of Australia. He is very tough on the parents of the children, shadowing them and pointing them out and accusing them of having low powers in their sun safety both in primary and secondary school.

“We know about the risk of baking in the sun, don’t we? Is a rhetorical question about people’s lifestyles the writer addresses to the audience who implies that the answer is “yes”. “Don’t we?” serves to question the reader and to show them as ignorant. That is, if they assumedly “know” about the risk of baking in the sun, they will question their motives as to why they continually do it, consequently provoking feelings of guilt. The writer uses different lengths of sentence to propel his visions such as “It is worth it, because the risk is real.” That is used to scare the reader and put them into a position to question what they have done in regards to the safety of their children.

In regards to school policies, he alienates his parental readers and to add a sense of fear to his argument regarding the lack of physical health in the sun smart policies in schools. Although schools require students to wear hats during sports lessons and lunch breaks during terms three and four of the school year, it is simply not enough to keep our children safe from the sun’s harsh rays, schools do not usually carry supplies of sunscreen to allow children to re-apply throughout the day, nor do they allow children indoor areas to stay in as it is regarded as an OHSC issue. the writer goes on to talk about how big a deal this is with our part of the world being host to...
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