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God’s Armor Bearer Pt. 1

There is a constant need for armor bearers in our world today. Especially in the ministry of Alabama Teen Challenge. Every employee for ATC should be an armor bearer for god. Armor bearer is listed in the Strong’s concordance 8 times. It originates from two Hebrew words; nasa meaning to lift, and keliy meaning end.

The book goes over the extensive list of the duties of an armor bearer. 1. Must provide strength for his leader.
2. Must have a deep down sense of respect for his leader and acceptance for and tolerance of his leader’s personality and his way of doing things. 3. Must instinctively understand the thoughts.

4. Must walk in agreement with and submission to his leader’s thoughts. 5. Must make the advancement of his leader his most important goal. 6. Must possess endless strength so as to trust press and force his way onward without giving way under harsh treatment. 7. Must follow orders immediately and correctly.

8. Must be a support to his leader.
9. Must be an excellent communicator.
10. Must have a disposition that will eagerly gain victories for his leader. 11. Must have the ability to minister strength and courage to his leader.

These things are essential to the world of Alabama Teen Challenge. When I read this really helped me to evaluate my skills, strengths and weaknesses to see what I needed to work on. Things such as communicating. And having endless strength for the Lord regardless of the circumstances or harshness of the situation. This book also discussed to steps to develop the spirit of an armor bearer. 1. Free yourself from pride. (James 4:6)

2. Free yourself from anger. (Proverbs 16:32)
3. Free yourself from immorality. (2 Corinthians 7:1)
4. Free yourself from bitterness. (Hebrews 12:15)

These are definitely some things I need to take heed to and apply to myself. The book provide scriptural back up of these steps so there is no denying them at all.

The book provides an Old Testament example to an armor bearer which I had no idea until the book enlightened me. David was once King Saul’s armor bearer in his youth. David was an awesome armor bearer if you ask me. He may have fell short on occasion but that always happens. 1 Samuel 16:18 describes 6 attributes of an armor bearer.

1. Skillful in playing.
2. Mighty man of valor.
3. A man of war.
4. Prudent in speech.
5. Handsome in appearance.
6. One whom the Lord is with.

Back in the old testament these were the things that the kings looked for in there armor bearers and I believe most of which should still apply today in the spiritual warfare that goes on every day.

God’s Armor Bearer pt. 2

Armor bearers are essential in a church/ministry such as teen challenge. An armor bearer carries his leaders shield into battle and lays his life on the line for the one whom he served. In a ministry like teen challenge we as staff must be Gods armor bearer every day in the battles between god and Satan, the spiritual warfare.

Pt. two discusses successful keys to blooming where you are planted. This intrigued me because this applied to me more than anything. These things could help me in my walk as a staff member here at Teen Challenge. 1. You must have a call from God.

2. First of all, make sure you have a real personal relationship with Christ. 3. Ask God to give you His vision, or goal for your life. 4. Be willing to do whatever is asked.
5. Do not lose sight of the people behind the work.
6. Be thankful for your position and never take it for granted. 7. Be willing to submit to authority.
8. Know that you are in God’s will.
9. Know that your rewards will be laid up in heaven.
10. Develop and servants heart.
11. Walk without offense.
12. Serve as if you were serving Jesus Himself, and do not get your eyes on the man under whom you work. On the other hand, be...
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