Lead Poisoning and Approximately Inches

Topics: Television program, Eustachian tube, Otitis media Pages: 4 (676 words) Published: February 14, 2013
Chapter Four Assignment


For this assignment you are to watch a children's television program (e.g., a cartoon, Sesame Street, Mr. Rogers' Neighborhood). If you don’t have access to television, you can locate many children’s television shows online. Answer the following questions.

Name of program:Team UmiZoomi

Day and time of program:Every weeknight at 7 and 7:30

Who was the primary audience for this show (girls or boys)? Show is geared toward girls and boys equally

Why would children like this show? It has singing, puzzles, patterns and counting. The team is always on a mission to help someone

List any incidences of gender stereotyping (aggressive men, beautiful but weak women, violence, men working and women staying home, etc.). This show in particular is very non-sterotypical – no violence, the boy and the girl both do equal amounts of work.

What did you like about this show? It teaches my child about shapes patterns, counting, big vs. small, over/under, etc. He is learning without really being aware of that fact.

What did you dislike about this show? Not much at all – it is wonderful

Did the advertisements contribute to stereotyping? Some advertisements that come on during the show are for certain toys that I am not crazy about……guns, weapons (toy) etc.

Answer the following questions by choosing the appropriate answer. By age 2, the average youngster in the U.S. weighs around _______ pounds, and is close to ________ tall.
a) 25-30; 36 inches
b) 25-50; 38 inches
c) 40-65; 50 inches
d) 50-60; 43 inches

By the time a child is 6 years old, he/she weighs, on average, about _______ pounds and stands approximately ______ inches tall.
a) 30; 36
b) 46; 46
c) 60; 55
d) 75; 50

As an infant, Baby Sarah had typical childhood illnesses and no significant earaches. However, now Sarah is 4 years old and she is experiencing frequent earaches. What is the most likely reason for...
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