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Paul-The Leader
Leadership Qualities of Paul As Found in Acts

A Four Part Bible Study Lesson Submitted to Professor Olumfemi Adeyemi In Partial Fulfillment of the Requirements For
The Course NBST 522 D03

Melissa M Trujillo

Sunday, May 6, 2012

Table of Contents

Front Matter Details3
Lesson One Text Transcript: Overview of Paul’s Life Pre and Post Conversion3 Lesson Two Text Transcript: Identifying Qualities of a Leader-Part One7 Lesson Three Text Transcript: Identifying Qualities of a Leader-Part Two9 Lesson Four Text Transcript: Life Application and Measure of Success12 Conclusion12

Bibliography 14

Front Matter Details
Bible Study Series: Paul, Leadership, Book of Acts, Potential Setting: Small Groups (men or women), Lesson Length: 60-90 minutes (including discussion), Aids used: Bible, handouts with definitions, PowerPoint.

Many people seek to learn about leadership, aspire to develop successful leadership skills, and become leaders that others will follow however all too often people seek secular books and advice. The reality is that everything one might need can be found by following the Apostle Paul. Throughout this four part Bible Study series we will explore the Apostle Paul and the various leadership lessons that can be found by examining his life as found in Acts.

Lesson One Text Transcript: Overview of Paul’s Life Pre and Post Conversion
Lesson Begins with opening prayer and introductions of small group members. Power point slide will be pulled up and directions to group members to open their Bibles to Acts. Prior to handing out information the group leader will being the conversation with asking what leadership means to each of the members. 10-15 minute roundtable discussion on what leadership means to each one individually both inside and outside of the church. Each group member will receive a handout of the power point as well as a hand out defining key phrases used within the lesson. Group leader will explain the following: This study will consist of four lessons centered on the book of Acts and the Apostle Paul’s leadership characteristics. We will examine his leadership style and important qualities that church leaders should possess today. While these qualities are not all encompassing they are important and key characteristics. Please open your Bibles to Acts 20 as we first look at Paul before his conversion. Pre-Conversion

To understand what Paul or Saul’s life was like pre-conversion we are going to examine Acts 7:57-8:3, Acts 9:13, and Acts 22:3. I have also included information from various texts in order to give us a solid understanding and insight in regards to the type of man he was prior to his conversion. This by no means is all inclusive however it will provide us with some insight into Paul/Saul pre-conversion. Pre-conversion Paul was known as Saul. He was also known as a “Persecutor of the Church”. He paid strict adherence to the law and traditions. Prior to accepting Christ made it his mission to persecute the Christian church zealously. He was extremely distressed by the sin found within and he was very legalistic. He was a Pharisee and made no apology for his unrelenting persecution of those that followed Jesus and believed prior to his conversion that he was carrying out the law. We can also find from scripture that Paul’s personality was greatly varied. At times he was unrelenting, strong as steel, and at other times he was likened to having the gentleness of a mother caring for her child. We can find a somewhat of an outline of Paul’s background directly from Paul himself throughout the various epistles and the information is often linked in the speeches in which he gave. Paul was born in Tarsus of Cilcia (Acts 22:3) which during Paul’s time was the capital of the Roman province Syria-Cilcia. It is important to note that this area was somewhat privileged and Paul inherited Roman citizenship from...

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