Legitimacy, Representative Democracy, Uk Democracy

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What is meant by Legitimacy?
In politics, what is meant by Legitimacy is when a political regime is given a right to authority of government by the state’s citizens often via an election. In the UK, the Government which is drawn from the party in power in Parliament is legitimized through the General Elections held a minimum of once every 4 years.

What are three main strengths of Representative democracy?
Representative democracy is a form of democracy which emerged in the 17th century that implements the majority of citizens in a state are represented by a minority of office holders, in the UK we have Representative Democracy through Parliament. Citizens are represented by Members of Parliament who are elected through their constituencies. Representative democracy is considered a more effective form of government than direct democracy because of the following such strengths, practically it would be considered unrealistic for citizens who are not so well-informed on political matters to make political decisions, therefore Representative democracy entails that citizens who lack political understanding may choose a representative who is educated on political concerns to make decisions on their behalf, in the UK citizens vote for which MP they want to represent their constituency, the winner of which would gain a seat in the House of Commons and represent the citizens of the respected constituency, another such strength of Representative democracy is that it does not allow for discrimination of any minority groups concerned, for example if Representative democracy had not been put into practice it would virtually almost always be the case that the non-property owning majority of a state would overrule the votes of the property-owning minority (i.e. landowners, merchants, manufacturers and entrepreneurs) in any decision, this would be considered undemocratic because it does not express the individual rights of the property-owning minority however if they are...
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