Lessons from the Vietnam War

Topics: Vietnam War, Vietnam, Natural environment Pages: 3 (1107 words) Published: February 22, 2011
The Vietnam War has left behind many lessons. These lessons can serve to shape and transform our lives in such a way to communicate success. From a military standpoint, one has the ability to function as a strategic thinker, tactical planner, or logician. The goal of this assignment is to decide which one of these, defines my character?, what is needed from my environment to accomplish my goals?, and what strict military lesson can be used in pursuit of my goal?

A strategic thinker devises a plan to control the direction they want life to go in, sets asides resources for that purpose, and examines the methods used by others in the past and present in order to reach that same goal. This individual has a vision of what the future will look and feel like. A strategic thinker analyzes the behaviors of the competition to paint a picture of what the “best” looks and feels like. This class of person examines the sacrifices involved in goal attainment and makes an in depth decision as to whether the end justifies the means. Considering all sources, this individual devices a plan that reflects the best possible method of obtaining that goal and maintaining that status for the long haul. This person exercises the ability to be flexible and willingness to adapt to an ever changing environment and still remain focused on the goal. This person is disciplined in approach, and seeks to live in such a manner as to resemble the definition of what the goal means, what the goal does, and why the goal is a significant factor in their life. Lastly, this person motivates his counterparts in such a way that will compliment attainment of that goal.

A tactical planner focuses more on the short term. This person thoroughly researches which opportunities are readily available, and formulates a decision based on what will be most beneficial in producing the desired outcome regardless of circumstances, and in a timely fashion. The actions of this individual are...
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