Libyan Education System

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A summary of the education system in Libya

This essay attempts to give a brief summary about the education system in Libya. It will discuss the policy of education system and then talk about learning stages. Education is controlled and directed by the ministry of Education. This ministry administers the development of both state and private schools. Unlike private schools, state schools receive funds from the government. Education is free to everyone from elementary school right up to university education, both in Libya and abroad. For both the private and the state sectors, schools should teach the curricula designed by the ministry of Education. All textbooks and pedagogical materials are produced by the ministry of education. The secretary of education in each province sends inspectors to state schools as well as private schools to check the syllabus plan accomplishment. Education is compulsory between age 6 and 15. School begins in September each year. The school year consists of 35 weeks of instruction. Students attend school 6 days a week from Saturday to Thursday per week. Friday is the weekend holiday for all students and employees in the education sector. Arabic is the language of instruction. English and French are taught as second or foreign languages. Pre-university education is divided into two stages namely: kindergarten, primary, preparatory, and secondary education. Below is an illustration of the education process: A- Stage (0). Kindergarten or preschool stage: children can enroll at these schools at age four or five. In addition, at the age of five, some students are allowed to attend classes at state schools as listeners. That is to say, they are not going to be evaluated and assessed like the other students aged 6. B- Stage (1). Basic education: the first nine years of education are compulsory and are known as basic education. They consist of six years of primary (i.e. elementary) school and three years of preparatory school....
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