Literary Anylsis

Topics: United States, Election, Elections Pages: 1 (389 words) Published: March 3, 2013
I _______ accept this nomination to run for the 2012 presidential election. As your presidential nominee i promise you i will try my best to make this country better than what it already is because i believe that America is the best country and the best place to live in. The quote home is the where the heart is describes my life perfectly, because my heart is in the United States. I believe that with a little hard work and dedication i can help lower taxes for the middle class because the middle class makes up the majority or the U.S. and they have to pay the most in taxes and i believe that it’s not fair for them. To become a successful president you have to listen to the voices around you, and if you elect me as president i will listen to everyones opinions on what they think is right and wrong for our country. Education makes up a big part of our life, and it determines how successful we will be in life, and if the education budget gets cut, then how are we suppose to be successful in the future. That is why i believe a big portion of the budget should be spent on education, because the children today could be our next president in the future and we need to make sure they get a good education. Another thing i want to do for our country is to create new jobs in America so the unemployment rates, because our we need jobs here for our citizens and i hate seeing many hard working citizens without jobs. My strategy for winning over votes is to go to the bigger states with more electoral votes, and win over voters just like you. The winner take all method means that if the republicans win the election vote in Missouri, then they get to take all the votes, and the popular vote refers to a candidate who wins the largest portion of the population’s votes. It is important to vote because your vote could determine who the next president is, and i believe every American citizen should have the right to vote. As your presidential candidate i hope you consider my...
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