Love is Gold

Topics: Christianity, God, Conceptions of God Pages: 3 (382 words) Published: February 19, 2014
Schedule of Lectures for Theology 151:Christian Commitment Requirements and Grading System 1.Class Standing ( 4-5 Quizzes)20%
2.Two Term Papers 10%
3.Mid-term (Oral)30%
4.Final Oral Exam40%=100%
A93-100master of the subject, insights from the perspective of the whole book B+87-92clear answers, correct answer and some insights from the books B83-86right answers but mainly taken from the lectures

C+79-82low understanding and doubtful of their answer
C75-78vague understanding

Part 1 (Covered from November till Christmas Break)
Week 1-2:
Book to Read: Mere Christianity
oThe Law of Human Nature
oSome Objections
o The Reality of the Law
oWhat lies Behind the Law
oWe have cause to be uneasy
Week 3-4:
Book to Read: Mere Christianity
oWhat Christians Believe
oThe Rival Conceptions of God
oThe Invasion
oThe Shocking Alternative
Book to Read: Catholicism: A Journey to the Heart of Faith oChapter 1: Amazed and Afraid: The Revelation of God become Man oChapter 3: “That than which Nothing Greater can be Thought”: The Ineffable Mystery of God” Week 5-6:

Book to Read: Mere Christianity
oThe Perfect Penitent
oThe Practical Conclusion
oThe Three Parts of Morality
oThe 'Cardinal Virtues'
January till February schedule
January 5-9
Book to Read: Catholicism: A Journey to the Heart of Faith oChapter 2: Happy are We: The Teaching of Jesus (Video)
Can you be good without God by William Craig
Book to Read: Should anyone say forever?
oPreface: Commitment
oThe Behaviour Underpinnings
oComponents of Christian Commitment
January 12-16
Articles on Conscience by Fr. Roche
Conscience and Truth by Benedict XVI
Book to Read : Should anyone say forever?
oProblematic of Permanence
oSome New Testament Commitment

January 19-23
Book to Read: Mere Christianity
oThe Social Morality
oGreatest Sin
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