Magical Place

Topics: United States, Vietnam War, Cold War Pages: 3 (817 words) Published: May 1, 2014
By the 1950’s communism had become an epidemic that had politicians and Americans in hysterics. The United States government went against its own democracy, believing that by containing communism and slowing its spread they would be better able to kill it, the United States adopted a preventive attitude towards communism. By creating a barrier they centralized communism in one area which would decrease the number of people who had that ideology in. Not only was America the only country that government officials wanted to have the influence of democracy but places like Vietnam and Korea. The war between Vietnam was not justified because America wanted to guide the countries that were developing into a democratic society by going against its own moral by forcing a form of government makes it unjustified. Although Americas attempt from Vietnam to become a democracy it cost the U.S. a lot of lives that did not have to be American lives. However the 1950s just proved the expansion of government by invading American and non American opinions because everything that was not considered the American way was communist. John F. Kennedy practiced the Truman doctrine for America to “…pay any price to stop the spread of communism… and fight any war and risk war to keep communism out” (Pettengill 6-21-12). The fascist regime that communism shared had Americas manipulated into strictly thinking that democracy was the only way to a better America. Kennedy did not want the radicalism or fascism of the Soviet Union into the United States because it wanted control on the elite while democracy on the people. Democracy is what America gloats about but to force a form of government system on Vietnam suppresses the developed country and its people. The Vietnam War is sugar coated into fighting for democracy and manipulating civilians to believe otherwise. The war causes fascist counties and people to be anti democratic because of the force used, many innocent people as well as...
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