Malaysia Facing Critical Issue

Topics: Election, Education, Elections Pages: 2 (695 words) Published: February 5, 2013
“What is the most critical issue Malaysia is facing right now? What can we do to solve it?”

During the weekend of UKEC’s Ordinary General Meeting and annual Project Amanat Negara 2012, Yu Li and I from CEKU conducted a photo vox-pop survey whereby we asked participants to answer a two part question – “What is the most critical issue Malaysia is facing right now, and what can we do to solve it?” We received an interesting array of responses, ranging from issues concerning education, the economy, politics, national building and other miscellaneous thoughts. Politics:

Safe to say, plenty are dissatisfied over the ongoing notoriety that is corruption. Not just corruption in politics, but in other areas such as business, the police force and so on. With elections coming up any day now, most youth we spoke to thought the most pressing issue in the political arena was electoral reform, as highlighted by the Bersih 2.0 movement last year. Most of us ponder whether we can ever have truly clean elections. Others claim a revamp in MACC may help assist this. Another thought to ponder upon is this: perhaps the nation needs to develop a stronger sense of integrity in the electoral process, both during campaigning, voting and the aftermath. Economy:

From unpopular populist policies to questionable government budgets to creating a world-class workforce, the Malaysian economy is a whirlwind of change, but it’s improving slowly but surely. We may not exactly meet our economic target in time but it sure does help to know that our innate resilience means that we’re not about to collapse anytime soon. On a related note, some felt more attention should be given to addressing issues such as the income gap, the introduction of a minimum wage, and instilling a more competitive and meritocratic attitude towards work. Education:

Moving away from the political and economic arena, the Malaysian education system was also a hot topic amongst our respondents. From the...
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