Malaysian Election Process

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Election is important to give power and opportunity to the people to select their representatives in the government - suits the principle of freedom of individual rights.

Two types of elections:

• General election

• By-election

General Elections are held within a period not exceeding 5 years from previous election.

By-elections are held in the event of death of a representative and also if there is a vacancy due to absence of a representative from meetings for a specific period of time.

Prior to election:

Parliament will be dissolved by the YDPA upon the advice/request of the Prime Minister. At state level, it is done by the Sultan/Yang di Pertua Negeri upon the advice of the Chief Minister

As soon as Parliament is dissolved, election must be held within 60 days in Peninsular Malaysia and 90 days in Sabah and Sarawak.

Suruhanjaya Pilihan Raya / Election Commission (SPR)

- is appointed to manage all aspects of elections

- ensures smooth conduct of the democratic process

- is independent of government control

- the YDPA upon the advice of Council of Rulers appoints:

• one chairman

• one deputy chairman

• three members (one of the members must be from Sabah or Sarawak)

Members of SPR:

• holds position till the age of 65

• cannot be terminated unless through a tribunal

• can only be terminated for the following reasons

- Bankrupt

- Occupies a position which provides salary/income

- Is a Member of Parliament / state assembly

- Disciplinary problem, physically weak and incapable

SPR responsibilities:

1. to gazette election boundaries

2. to register and prepare election list

3. to organize general and by-elections

4. to draw up election rules and regulations

5. to manage registration and nomination of...
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