Male Sufferage

Topics: Thirteen Colonies, Women's suffrage, United States Pages: 2 (543 words) Published: September 19, 2013
Before 1800 the right to vote was extremely limited to only specific people. In the original thirteen states, New England and the Southern states, voting was only extended to property owning white males or white male taxpayers. This limited group amounted to less than half of the white male population, and none of the free or slave black population or women of any race. This expansion of this right was only stretched out a bit from the original group. Many factors lead to this expansion; however the most forthcoming reasons were the expansion of the country as whole, boundary wise, creating the west, and the competition for votes from political parties. The United States expansion was a pressing topic throughout 16th century, resulting from the American Revolution, and other major events that shaped the country. Expansion of the country led to more liberal thinking and a larger population in general. The expansion encouraged the nation’s independence and self-reliance, and strengthened national pride. Of the new west, nine became states by 1840. These news states where new and forward in their thinking, extending the right to vote to all white males over the age of 21. This was a new and un-heard of expansion. Kentucky was the first state that extended the right to vote to all white males in the state. Tennessee and Ohio did not have statewide male suffrage; however, it did have lowered tax payer qualifications, closer than the original states to universal suffrage. By 1820, most of the original 13 states had fallen into uniform with the others, extending the right to vote to all white men. However, with all things, there are always those who lag behind in progress, in this case it is three states: Rhode Island, Virginia, and Louisiana. These states did not extend their voting until much later, but by 1840 most of the country had followed, and 90% of white males could vote. The extension of this right was driven by an unexpected force. It was not equality or...
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