Managing Diversity

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Managing Diversity Research Paper Proposal
Tim Grant
University of Phoenix

Managing Diversity Research Paper Proposal
Workplaces today are become increasingly diverse with employees of different genders, races, cultures, ethnic origins, and lifestyles. Changes in the cultural make-up of organizations have been so vast that it has become imperative for leaders and supervisors to understand cultural diversity and how it can affect their organization. By understanding how this diversity can affect their organization, leaders are taking steps to assure a conflict-free environment and are helping promote positive outcomes for the business, as well as its employees. “Diversity today is being viewed as a key means to strengthen the human capital of an organization and improve overall performance” (Bowes, 2007/2008). Studies have shown that diverse workforces can positively affect and strengthen the organization, but what can organizations do to assure this type of environment? What programs or tools do leaders need to implement when looking to improve their ability to manage this diversity? The main purpose of this research paper will be to explore what methods organizations and leaders can use to successfully manage increased cultural diversity within the workforce. This research will reflect not only why it is important for organizations to embrace the differences in a diverse workplace, but will discuss the consequences that may occur if they do not incorporate effective methods for addressing a multicultural population. A clear discussion of the educational tools used in this project will follow. In addition, the discussion will include the benefits of organizations with a healthy diversity program with a focus on retention rates, increased employee productivity, increased employee satisfaction, access to wider customer base, supply chain management, creativity on production and fiscal resources. Through this research presentation, Team C intends to answer the following research questions: 1.How does diversity affect organizational performance?

2.What are the advantages to having a diverse workforce?
3.What are the disadvantages to having a diverse workforce? 4.What steps are these organizations taking to minimize conflict to ensure mutually beneficial outcomes for the business and diverse workforce? 5.Is there an ideal method or tool organizations can implement to promote a positive and healthy work environment in business that has multicultural diversity?

Team C has delineated our objectives for this project and will conduct our research accordingly. We will utilize the references established to address the problem statement and research questions related to our subject. The supportive data will be collected, organized, analyzed, and presented in proper APA format. The team will review the research paper to ensure we are answering the questions presented. A minimum of five sources are to be used, with three of them from the University of Phoenix Online Library collection. Team members will assure the accuracy and validity of the data used to ensure a thoughtful and informative paper.

“Walk into almost any U.S. workplace and you can see it in people’s faces: diversity. Demographers forecast even more changes to come. The old business fix – adding a new HR policy in the employee manual – won’t be enough to handle the workplace sea change.” (Anonymous, 2008). A diverse workforce can strengthen overall corporate culture, enhance corporate reputations, act as a recruitment and retention tool, enhance service levels, reduce turnover, lower absenteeism rates and improve a company’s global management capacity (Bowes, 2008). Affects of Diversity

Globalization is not just about the world market. It also means creating a local and national workforce by welcoming new employees from various countries into the workplace. It is about more than immigration. It is about inclusion. Embracing and reaping the...

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