Mandatory Voting

Topics: Election, Voting, Democracy Pages: 3 (791 words) Published: December 2, 2013

The idea of mandatory voting during U.S. elections is a much-debated topic in the United States. Making voting mandatory for all citizens, is debated to be something that could be either positive or negative. Both sides of the issue have their reasons why mandatory-voting laws should or should not be passed.

Those who believe that mandatory voting should become a law believe that it will bring the number of voters on Election Day to increase. With voter participation rates falling below sixty percent, making voting mandatory would increase the percentage of those who vote. By creating a law forcing people to vote it would make the elections truly valid and protect the integrity of our elections. By enforcing voting we would be ensuring that the elections would show the beliefs of every eligible voter. Politicians will have more support and run less targeted campaigns designed to attract voters in a specific groups. As more citizens vote, pressure for politicians to represent the beliefs of all voters’ increases, which can help determine the most dedicated candidate. The selection of a leader would truly represent the people. Some say that if the full range of voters actually voted, our political leaders would become more responsive the younger generations, and those who are poor and less educated and are currently not voting. Mandatory voting will also decrease income inequality. Supporters also believe that mandatory voting would force more Americans to pay attention to the choices. By forcing people to vote it would make voters want to learn more about what they are voting on. With mandatory voting, Americans will participate more fully in the political process and take full advantage of the Constitution’s promise of equal representation. By making sure every eligible citizen votes, the accuracy of the voting system will get better.

For those against mandatory voting, they believe that losing democratic choice is a steep price. More voters do not...

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