Marketing a New Product

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Marketing Plan

Product Design and Development

The Hedo-Falls shower system is the first of its kind. This kind of shower has not been seen before in the market. It offers something totally unique with no direct competition. No company has been ambitious enough to integrate so much into a device that has remained virtually the same for decades. The developers at Quantum Studio decided to take a chance and tap into a new and exciting market. Their risk paid off greatly. There is no direct competition for the Hedo-Falls shower system at this time, but there is secondary competition, such as other basic shower units.


Physical features

The Hedo-Falls will contain a full LCD HD screen. The screen would vary in size from 40 inches up to 70 inches. It would contain a special screen which would resist water from beading on the screen as well as fogging from the temperature of the water in the shower itself. Quantum Studio would get the LCD HD screens from Sony.

The shower would contain multiple showers nozzles from almost all angles, allowing the water to truly envelope you if you want that in the showering experience. Also on all the nozzles there would be LED lights that can project ambient mood lighting while taking a shower.

Hedo-Falls would also include basic software. This is for voice recognition, and personal preferences for each shower user, and basic settings for the shower itself. The software would also include screen savers and ambient music. To give the feeling of being on the ocean, mountains, or any other exotic location you can think of.

Each Hedo-Falls shower would have a built in computer system. This computer would have a basic hard drive, which can be linked to your personal computer through WIFI internet connection. You then can transfer movies, MP3’s or any other media onto the shower’s hard drive and play it through the TV or speaker system.

The shower will contain a built in 5.1 crystal clear digital surround sound system from Bose. The speakers would be integrated into the wall itself making them almost invisible.

Hedo-Falls will also include a basic sitting area, and inclined steps. This allows you to fill the shower converting it into a spa.

Emotional benefits

This shower will give you a reason to wake up in the morning. The shower experience from Hedo-Falls in unlike anything a conventional shower can offer. It will give you a more complete and refreshing shower because of the unique and ingenious placement of the many shower heads.

Product mix

No there products in mix at this time, this is a standalone product for the company. After the release of the shower, more products will be developed down the line. Other bathroom related products, or further integrating technology into basic household appliances.

Marketing Research

When you think of The Hedo-Falls Interactive Shower, you will think luxury. Quantum Studio’s ideal target audience will be successful men between the ages of 30-45, primarily Caucasian, upper crust type that is extremely wealthy. Quantum Studio will also target colored athletes, rock stars, and actors; income will be play a major role in whom Quantum Studio contacts. The preferred target member will earn well in to the upper millions.

The geographic segment that Quantum Studio is focusing on is high-end suburbs of major cities, like Los Angeles and Chicago, large sky rises in major cities like downtown New York and San Francisco.

The psychographic segment is similar to the demographic segmentation. Quantum Studio will focus on lifestyles of the rich and famous, trend-conscious customers who prefer the newest and most fashionable option, or early adopters who are open to choosing new, unproven electronics. Quantum Studio’s ideal consumers are in to having the newest and best-of-the-best that is available on the market. The users of Hedo-Falls will be what society calls “wealthy bachelors and those who...
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