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Impact of marketing activities (specially adverting) on children is very important and sensitive issue for the society and marketers. We explored with sample from 07 different schools 330 children and 107 parents to come up with practical insight of advertising influence on children memory and behaviour in Pakistani context. Our results showed interesting findings that ads do not impact negatively to children memory and behaviour. It enhances the knowledge of children and the ads targeted to children are not effective, for effective positioning of children related products marketers should target the parents and include ethical orientation along with environmental knowledge to influence the buying behaviour of parents. Our study provided several key market insights and suggestions for practitioners and future researchers of marketing field.

The consumer in this era is in target of massive media attacks effectively planned, and enlighten with glamour as per the emotions, needs, wants and demands of the consumers. Marketers and companies are spending billions of dollars on consumer research and to know the important factors involved in consumer decision making. While talking about the marketing mix now a days marketers main focus is on designing persuasive messages/commercials to attract the target customers. Because the major chunk of the population and among all consumption of household a considerable portion is of children products. So marketers are focusing and trying to attract and influence the children by designing ads that are considerably attractive for children and persuasive enough for their emotional attachment with the product. While common notion is that the mother is the targeted customer for marketers of baby European Journal of Social Sciences – Volume 12, Number 4 (2010) 664

care industry. This notion is quit logical but now media and marketers are succeeded enough to generate emotional attachment of children with the products so that they can insist on purchasing the specific product for their use.

This concept has created a war of massive attacks on children of this age and forced to conscious people of society about the negative impacts of these massive advertising attacks on children memory and behavior.

Especially, the media, advertising and entertainment industries, collectively known as mass media, are powerful because they penetrate every segment of modern-day society and effectively influence how consumers view themselves, their neighbors, communities and the world. Although the mass media denotes outlets beyond newspapers, radio and television, and the scope of media influence now extends to digital spectrum, cable and satellite technology and the internet, it remains a fact that the TV is the single major and foremost communicator of our times. As the world has global village so now through our electronic media, access to all international channels is also easy. All these factors have contributed in the increasing aggressive attitude in youth as they see violence on electronic media in one form or another. The media, now a day, is promoting violent culture, which leave a deep impact on youth. It has caused the aggression and violence of youth instead of promotion of peace and harmony. According to, American Academy for Pediatrics Committee on Communications (AAPCC, 1995). Media violence can lead to aggressive behavior in youth. Over 1,000 studies confirm this link. It also says that Media violence is especially damaging to young children (under age 8) because they cannot easily tell the difference between real life and fantasy. Violent images on television and in movies may seem real to young children. Viewing these images can upset them. Media violence affects children by increasing their fear of becoming victims. Making them less sensitive to violence and to victims of violence. Increasing their appetite for more violence in...
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