Masters of War

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Critical Evaluation
“Masters of War” By Bob Dylan & “Born in the U.S.A” By Bruce Springsteen Introduction
During the early 1960’s, America was going through difficult and frightening times. Our Nation was then deeply involved with the Cold War and the Cuban Missile Crisis brought the United States and the USSR to the verge of nuclear disaster. Even former President at the time, Eisenhower, warned of the dangers our country could embark. There were many student movements and protests that started movements that showed Americans wanting to create a new America. Citizens challenged the normal lifestyles and institutions, in hoping to change America, in hopes what would lead to withdrawal from the war in Vietnam. These protesters showed their views on materialism, lifestyles, and the path to success in society, and what they wanted to change. The idealism our country had during this time, showed that dramatic challenges and obstacles had taken place. America’s most popular and iconic citizens stepped up a lot during this time, in hopes of having a strong impact of inspiration for Americans. The Cold War was one of the most devastated times for our country due to the fact that it led people to think that this was the start of the failure of the American Dream. The nation needed something that showed rebellion against the country, other than just the words spoken from the government.

Along with all the student movements and protests that were taken into account of normal citizens, they were not the only ones who wanted to make statements on how they felt about the war and what our country was becoming. This was a time of the Civil Rights Movement along with the Anti-War Movement and students strived to become active members of society. One huge impact a movement can have is the influence from a nation’s most iconic and loveable characters, of which is looked up to. In 1963, Bob Dylan released his song, “Masters of War” which was an anti-war protest song that was directed to circumstances America was going through and the damage that was done. Another song that impacted the idealization of America was Bruce Springsteen’s song, “Born in the U.S.A.” Though this song was not released post-Vietnam War, it described what the war did and why it was a pointless act. The lyrics explain how the country once, and because of the war, America was starting to portray itself as something they are not. Both songs equally gave an act of protest and encouragement that led to America feeling the way they did through songs. The rhetorical devices the singers used in the songs, led to success with the correct usage of repetitiveness, imagery, biblical references, and realism. Context

Robert Zimmerman, also known as Bob Dylan, is a famous American singer-songwriter, musician, poet and painter. He is best known for being chronicler and well-known figurehead of social unrest. Many of his songs are anthems for the US Civil Rights and Anti-War movements. The songs had a variety of political, social, philosophical, and literacy influences. He generalized many genres of music and his music has explored many aspects of being an “American.” (Dunlap 560) In 1963, he released his song “Masters of War” on the album “The Freewheelin.” His lyrics were about political social, philosophical, and literacy influences. Dylan was only in his early twenties at the time, which was shocking that someone so young wrote a song that is so powerful. The song was written because he wanted a realization of the times, what the war was coming to, and why it became a pointless act rather than means of defense. (Dunlap 550) Dylan was criticizing the fact that Eisenhower warned America about what the war would do and industrial complex. He wanted to carry out the message and get hope to speak on behalf of the citizens of America, along with singing about the values of peace. Listeners were persuaded that Dylan expressed that he felt this war was basically pumping money...
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