Mba Admission Essay

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MBA Admission Essay

Born in a developing country – Pakistan, I owe my unique social experience to my multicultural background. I was brought up in a conservative, closed knit family. Many of the common values in life; respect for elders, aiming for excellence in every field of life, and facing every difficulty in life with nonchalance, were ingrained in me. I received my elementary education (until grade 10) in Pakistan, where religion, ethics, social responsibilities, and cultural values are a part of the school curriculum. Such varied educational and social exposure has further modeled my character and influenced my thought.

After completion of grade 10, my family migrated to Canada. Immigration to Canada is the defining point in my life. This has broadened the scope of my education and view of life. Whenever I try to think about my life (my autobiography), I always settle upon the importance of this move, the shift from Eastern to Western perspective. My family encountered some unusual circumstances and financial crisis during the first year of immigration. My parents worked day and night to settle down in Canada. In the face of these hardships, I understood the motive behind the immigration to Canada. I realized that a chance for a bright future at Canada brings my family to Canada. After this realization, I was more determined then ever before to avail the opportunities that Canada has to offer me. “I will not settle for anything less than being one of the top students at the best academic institutions” became my personal motto. My academic performance has been excellent throughout my academic career. I believe that my Pakistani background and immigration experience have prepared me well to pursue a MBA at the Schulich school of Business. This also adds a unique perspective to the MBA program.

I have been residing in Canada for the past 11 years now. I have learned lots of new things in Canada. Canada has further enriched my experience. I appreciate...
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